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2918 2 months ago First-run behaviour differs depending on which home directory is requested unread jolson  
2688 6 months ago unlocking gpg-agent via pam? unread p91  
2684 6 months ago GPG encrypts using a key of a partial recipient match instead of exact match chatting tvenhola  
2399 9 months ago gpgconf is not idempotent chatting nicoo  
3020 6 hours ago Lock files not compatible between Windows and Linux (invalid size) unread aheinecke  
3016 3 hours ago Vague error message: key X can't be retrieved (without telling anybody why) chatting minfrin  
3015 4 days ago No rev cert saved if --gen-key in used with --output unread Mento  
3014 2 hours ago Intermittent crashes in gpgscm on s390x chatting dkg justus
3012 6 days ago gpg-agent 2.0.30 not able to create SHA-2 signatures with scute chatting wglas85  
3009 7 days ago Decrypt data corruption chatting Jim-P  
2992 1 week ago memory erasure improvement chatting lmrs2  
2991 2 weeks ago dirmngr unable to receive keys if only IPv6 DNS servers are set chatting flokli  
2990 2 weeks ago dirmngr fails with IPv6 nameserver in resolv.conf chatting nfnty  
2987 3 weeks ago Remove the socket redirect feature chatting werner  
2981 3 weeks ago struct ucred usage needs ucred.h on Solaris in-progress grobian gniibe
2974 1 month ago Problems with cv25519 pub subkeys and elder GnuPG 2 versions chatting bernhard  
2972 1 month ago GPGSM: Chain too long on cross signed certificate unread aheinecke  
2968 1 week ago gpg --search: Connection closed in DNS chatting kardan justus
2967 1 month ago Allow to keep original timestamp on keysig updates unread floyd  
2966 1 month ago "LC_ALL=pl_PL.UTF-8 gpg --gen-key" fails during confirmation testing dkg  
2964 3 days ago dirmngr and gpg-agent should work automatically even when GNUPGHOME is larger than sun_path in-progress dkg  
2959 1 week ago with --tofu-default-policy=ask, Assertion "conflict_set" in get_trust failed (../../g10/tofu.c:2787) testing dkg neal
2958 1 month ago extract signature from encrypted+signed message unread dkg  
2957 1 month ago gpg --export-ssh-key does not work for primary keys marked as authentication-capable testing dkg werner
2953 3 weeks ago scdaemon fails to decrypt if unusual key-size is chosen chatting bslbckr gniibe
2950 1 month ago Unable to set expiry when using --faked-system-time chatting neal  
2948 1 month ago libdns lookups fails when nssswitch has no "dns" section testing dkg werner
2946 1 month ago gpg-agent should be able to terminate when all its state expires chatting dkg  
2945 1 month ago gpg should explicitly set output file permissions during decryption chatting anarcat  
2944 1 month ago gpgconf --change-option should not print a warning when the relevant conf file does not exist testing dkg  
2943 1 month ago gpg should issue a warning when it is run without a command chatting dkg werner
2940 1 month ago dirmngr fails for hkps when http-proxy is in use chatting dkg  
2939 3 weeks ago Should not be required to manually `killagent` on card removal chatting shuffle2 gniibe
2938 1 month ago scd-event is annoying to use on Windows chatting shuffle2  
2937 1 month ago Please update tools/ for 2.0 branch unread richie765  
2936 1 month ago pubring.kbx to pubring.kbx~ chatting amonk  
2935 1 month ago use-tor should have a third possible value, "if available" in-progress dkg  
2934 1 month ago Serpent-256 unavailable in 2.0.30 in-progress leonardjo  
2933 1 month ago gnupg-2.1.18 fails to read a Yubikey Neo that gnupg-2.1.17 reads fine chatting ikelos gniibe
2932 1 month ago gpgv error messages are confusing chatting dkg  
2928 3 weeks ago stop fetching PTR records entirely chatting dkg werner
2925 2 months ago Permissions of pubkey.kbx not retained through changes chatting codmyre  
2924 2 months ago HTTP(S) preferred key servers always treated as HKP chatting codmyre  
2923 2 months ago tust signature domain restrictions don't work unread linsam  
2917 2 weeks ago wkd discovery should re-fetch key if it is expired chatting hanno werner
2915 2 months ago Key import on a machine with date moved back unread neal  
2912 2 months ago command line keytocard unread neal  
2911 3 weeks ago Key creation problem with 2.1.16 (passphrase param) chatting neal  
2909 2 months ago GnuPG 2.1.15 - delete-secret-keys seems not to accept loopback pinentry unread neal  
2908 2 months ago dirmngr can't be build w/o LDAP chatting neal  
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